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To promote geothermal power generation to the public, King One Design collaborates with Fabulous Power Co. to design the Geothermal Education Center Exhibition Hall, taking charge of space theme planning, circulation design, exhibition content, AR smart guidance, and interactive digital technology. We created an exhibition environment resembling the underground, combining interactive games to present the principles of geothermal power generation, allowing visitors to experience it firsthand while enjoying educational entertainment.

Public Space Design Express Report

Energy conservation and carbon reduction have become a global consensus, and countries worldwide are actively developing renewable energy sources. Positioned at the junction of tectonic plates, Taiwan harbors abundant geothermal resources. Geothermal power generation is one of the future trends. King One Design collaborates with Fabulous Power Co. to create a dedicated geothermal power generation education exhibition hall. Through an approachable presentation of relevant professional knowledge, it aims to enhance public understanding of Taiwan's efforts in promoting geothermal power generation, thus fostering a deeper appreciation for sustainable environmental concepts.

Combining realistic spatial settings with virtual interactive technology to create an immersive exhibition experience, visitors engage with the exhibition content interactively, making learning knowledge more relaxed and enjoyable.

It feels as if one is immersed underground, making learning about geothermal knowledge more tangible.

The entrance is designed as a geothermal exploration station, guiding visitors into the world of geothermal energy.

The interior of the exhibition hall mimics underground landscapes, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in learning firsthand.

Exclusive AR guided tour APP enhances flexibility during the visit.

Scenario-based equipment displays with AR technology enable guided explanations to move along with you.

Photo filters provide additional opportunities for creating memorable check-in records, facilitating easy sharing and spreading through social media.

Audiovisual and motion-sensing interactive games let you enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Simulated games allow actual rotation of the generator, enhancing interactive fun while learning.

Through audiovisual dynamic content, visitors gain a better understanding of the principles behind geothermal power generation.

Enjoyment within the thematic context, immersed in AR exhibition experience.

In the global trend towards sustainability, renewable energy is gradually gaining importance, and Taiwan holds significant potential for geothermal development. Since 1981, when the geothermal power plant was established in Chingshui, Yilan, Taiwan has been recognized as the 14th country globally to engage in geothermal power generation. Despite temporary closure due to reduced efficiency, advancements in related technologies have led to its reopening. King One Design has assisted in planning the Geothermal Education Center Exhibition Hall, creating a thematic underground ambiance through lighting, wall displays, and equipment exhibits. Additionally, a dedicated AR guided tour app has been designed to provide flexible navigation for visitors. Interactive games have been incorporated to make the learning experience enjoyable, promoting the sustainable concept of geothermal power generation in a more accessible manner.

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