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Petit Deer Curatorial Studio x King One Design

2023 Creative Expo Taiwan concluded successfully last weekend, featuring its inaugural IP Pavilion at the Huashan 1914 Creative Park. King One Design was honored to collaborate with curator Milu Huang, taking part in the on-site exhibition setup and construction. We carefully selected appropriate presentation methods and materials for various illustration artworks, striving to faithfully recreate the intricate details of the pieces. This effort aimed to breathe life into the artworks and contribute our part to the cultural and creative scene in Taiwan."

Exhibition Collaboration Update Report for Your Reference

The Creative Expo Taiwan has entered its 12th year, running for 10 days from September 22nd to October 1st, making it the largest and most extensive in terms of exhibition venues in its history. For the first time, it collaborated with various cities and counties across Taiwan to host the event. The inaugural IP-themed pavilion for this year is centered around the concept of 'Taiwan's Unique Species.' It has invited 23 Taiwanese illustration IPs to participate and create under three main themes: 'Nature's Uniqueness,' 'Cultural Uniqueness,' and 'Contemporary Uniqueness.' This not only showcases the expo's concern for Taiwan's natural environment and cultural issues but also highlights the commercial potential of Taiwanese illustration art on a global scale."

The role of the creator is to express their current emotions in their own unique way, while the role of exhibition planning is to utilize careful material selection and construction, leveraging creativity to enhance the presentation of the artworks.

Careful material selection accentuates depth and brings forth the artistic energy of the artwork.

Neon lights are used to highlight the character's eyes and body patterns, while velvet fabric is employed for the flowers to enhance depth.

Suspension points simulate books flying out of the artwork, extending the creative imagery.

Wooden lanterns with embedded lighting are arranged to bring the illustrations to life beyond the flat world.

The foreground plants feature a granular texture to enhance the immersive quality of the artwork.

Inflatable air dolls add three-dimensionality to the artwork, giving life to the characters.

Faithfully representing the diverse facets of the theme's IP, contributing to the pride of Taiwan's cultural and creative industry.

With the flourishing development of social media platforms, Taiwan's IP characters have bloomed, with many IP characters crossing boundaries and even gaining popularity overseas. This showcases the creative energy of Taiwan's artistry. To sustainably manage Taiwan's IP brands and culture, it is essential to build the brand's value. Curator Milu Huang stated, "We want everyone to see that the application of IPs is extensive! We hope to further let domestic and international brands understand the commercial potential of Taiwanese illustration art." Through exhibitions, we can show the world how Taiwan's IP brands connect with life, address social issues, and leverage cross-sector collaborations for enhanced marketing impact. King One Design utilizes various materials, such as delicate velvet for depth and granular textures to create lifelike plant textures, demonstrating the power of IP art culture and the limitless possibilities of its extended applications, contributing to Taiwan's IP presence on the international stage.

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