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Gemtek x Kingone Design

KingOne Design is an international company for specializing at exhibition, booth, stand design for international exhibition.

Brief Introduction of WCIT

The World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) 2017, to be held in the Taipei International Convention Center (TICC) this September, aims to showcase the latest trends in the IT industry with an emphasis on smart city applications and services from the major players. It has been 17 years since Taiwan hosted WCIT for the first time; this time, WCIT 2017 offers the Tech Expo, WCIT2017 Book to welcome vast international participants. In addition, the event demonstrates the island nation’s latest R&D achievements to the world and more than 250 startup teams are invited in order to better the connection to the younger generation with the world.

Our features

Variety of product display

Brand Marketing

Our Solution

In WCIT, to deal with client’s diversified products for both outdoor and indoor usage, we, KingOne Design, divided the show booth into three parts based on different features of the products. Coordinating with the route plan, attendees were arranged to enjoy the well-designed show booth. With the greenly outdoor decoration at the entrance, you would immediately feel an energetic welcome, as you walk into the booth, warm environmental lighting and design would make you feel like home.

 In addition, the highlight of this show booth was a tree, named "Tree of Technology", situated in front of the booth. Using the image of vitality of trees, this design symbolized the prosperous development of technology and society in the future and represented the company’s brand of sustainable social services as well. By blending technology into nature, the overall booth design was to convey the idea that technology is not just a cold machine, but also an essential companion with human beings, just like nature itself.

WCIT2017_Booth Design