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King One Design has collaborated with Farglory Realty Co.to create 3D modeling online tour centers for their latest distinctive projects in Tainan and Kaohsiung — Tzang Tsui and Zhuo Yun. These virtual platforms offer homebuyers a more intuitive and immersive 24/7 home viewing experience.

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What are the outstanding features of an intelligent interactive webpage? Going beyond traditional static webpages, this article introduces the online reception center webpage meticulously designed and planned by King One for the two construction projects of Farglory  reality, "藏萃" and "琢蘊." With King One's patented "3D modeling and refinement spatial technology," the webpage creates an immersive panoramic experience extending from 360° to 720°. It allows users to experience the ambiance and style of individual rooms in the interior space, as well as the realistic outdoor facilities and the surrounding play of light and shadow. Every corner and detail is faithfully reproduced, providing a completely new immersive home viewing experience. Through the use of fingertips, this webpage can bring a virtual tour that feels like being on-site. Only an intelligent interactive webpage can surpass the limitations of 2D webpages and achieve an upgraded digital experiential journey.

King One Design creates an immersive online reception center for Farglory reality.

Freely explore the various corners of future living spaces, with 3D modeling to authentically recreate the experience of viewing houses online, and immerse yourself in a breath of greenery.

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