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King One Design x Chroma

King One Design and Chroma, a subsidiary of the Test and Measurement Instruments Corporation, are now entering their third year of collaboration on the immersive 3D smart website, Virtual Chroma. This website showcases Chroma's product highlights under four main themes: "5G/AIoT," "Smart Automation," "Green Energy," and "Optics & Display." Each theme features a corresponding contextual environment and incorporates 360-degree panoramic displays to comprehensively present the product's advantages and features. This year, starting from the lobby, the main visual has been completely redesigned, and there have been detailed updates and revisions in other areas as well.

Interactive Design Express

Founded in 1984, Chroma, marketed globally under its own brand, has the vision of "actively developing world-class products and striving to become a world-class enterprise" as it progresses in its growth. In 2021, King One Design planned and created the Virtual Chroma smart website for Chroma, presenting its product lines under four major themes. Operating 24/7, Virtual Chroma is always ready to showcase the brand's strengths.

In 2023, King One Design refreshed the lobby design of Virtual Chroma with a brand new visual identity and slogan.

Creating an immersive 3D smart website can enhance the online experience for customers, elevating both the brand experience and brand image.

Four major themes that guide customers into an immersive experience of product features.

To seize business opportunities, it all depends on this one "platform"

Even though the pandemic no longer affects our lives, the digital upgrade and optimization of websites must continue to progress. Do you feel it's becoming increasingly challenging to capture customers' attention? A 3D smart website is an indispensable tool for businesses to explore new opportunities, offering customers higher added value and meeting their needs with innovative technology. This is the goal of Wistron, and the birth of the Virtual Chroma website has become a pivotal point in this era of rapid technological advancement. Spanning across borders, it serves as a relay station attracting customers from all over the world, allowing them to experience the charm of the 2023 Virtual Chroma website together.
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