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New Taipei City Library x King One Design

King One Design collaborates with the New Taipei City Library on the Taiwanese Language Reading Promotion Achievement Exhibition, curating a vibrant storytelling atmosphere under the theme of "Local Voices." The exhibition explores the unique beauty of Taiwan's colloquial language. Through vivid and lively character illustrations, it showcases the richness of Taiwan's cultural heritage, aligning with the exhibition theme of promoting Taiwanese language at the New Taipei City Library.

Exhibition Design Express Report

The library, as a public space for interpersonal communication and a cultural domain where books engage in a dialogue with individuals, provides the public with the opportunity to establish deeper connections with knowledge. In December, the New Taipei City Library hosted the "Taiwanese Language Reading Promotion Achievement Exhibition." King One, through his design expertise, assisted in organizing this lively and culturally significant exhibition promoting everyday reading at the Elegant Library.

The display method of the Z-shaped folding shelves is reminiscent of the ingenuity involved in flipping through books, mirroring the way people engage with books.

The Z-shaped folding exhibition area echoes the imagery of flipping through books

Curating the Taiwanese language reading theme

King One Design participated in the "Taiwanese Language Reading Promotion Achievement Exhibition" at the New Taipei City Library. The main visual concept drew inspiration from the attire of literati in the early years of the Republic of China, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the ambiance of the exhibition and deeply appreciate the historical aesthetic of language rooted in the era.

Through the use of Z-shaped folding shelves, the exhibition space and flow were carefully delineated, resembling the clever design one experiences while flipping through books. This design approach enhances the exhibition's resonance with the core spirit of Taiwanese language reading, bringing it even closer to daily life. Upon exploring the exhibition content, visitors can discover a diverse range of Taiwanese language promotion activities, from language study and training courses to various initiatives across different branches. This ensures that the public can find a Taiwanese language reading approach that resonates with their own experiences, fostering a deeper connection to life and genuine beauty.

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