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Taiwan Power Company's Smart Electric Hall x King One Design

Taiwan Power Company established the "Energy-saving Exhibition Hall" to promote knowledge about power generation and consumption to the public. In response to technological advancements, Taiwan Power collaborated with King One Design to plan, renovate, and create the innovative "Smart Electric Hall." The interior décor and layout were redesigned, integrating existing energy presentations and energy-saving knowledge. The hall incorporates a model of the "Smart Grid" and technical content, utilizing interactive technology devices to showcase the digital lifestyle aspects of power development. The public is invited to participate in practical living experiences, advancing towards a sustainable future together.

Public Space Design Express Update

In addition to continuously researching and developing more efficient power generation and utilization methods, Taiwan Power Company also promotes energy-saving and related knowledge by inviting the public to visit power plants and exhibition halls. This time, collaborating with King One Design to renovate and plan the energy-saving exhibition hall, the interior has been redecorated to create a fresh visual. Furthermore, five major interactive digital technologies are used to showcase knowledge about power generation and consumption, making it easy for the public to learn about electricity-related topics.

Exhibitions as well as public spaces embody the best definition of energy efficiency and sustainability! By incorporating the concept of digital curation, interactive technology is seamlessly integrated into public spaces.

Renewed Brilliance: Theme Curation | Fresh Visuals and Spatial Planning

The soft blue and yellow tones reflect the beautiful vision of sustainability.

Utilizing various angles of facades to make textual information more dynamic.

Retaining the existing electricity-related exhibition content while redesigning the visual presentation for a renewed brilliance.

Electric Current Avoider|Adults are also fascinated by the exciting levels.

The game levels incorporate practical knowledge about daily electricity usage.

Engaging and intellectually stimulating game design is exciting and enjoyable.

AR Miniature Model|Experience Firsthand Electricity Transmission and Power Generation Dispatch

Realistically recreate electricity transmission scenarios in various situations.

People can experience power generation scheduling through interactive game.

Interactive Projection Wall|Linking the Urban Smart Grid

Visitors can choose to view specific segments of the Smart Grid.

The dynamic projection wall vividly showcases the details of the Smart Grid.

Interactive touchscreen display|Click on Images to Learn Energy-Saving Methods

Exclusive AR Filters|Enhance Visitors' Connection with the Brand

Lively Photo Filter Elements Bring Exhibitors Closer to Visitors.

It's both an exhibition and a public space, embodying the best definition of energy efficiency and sustainability.

Inviting everyone to experience the new era of electricity evolution! King One Design has applied the concept of digital curation to transform Taiwan Power Company's energy-saving exhibition hall. The space planning incorporates warm yellow and blue-green tones, creating imagery of a sustainable and bright future. Creating an integrated space that merges the virtual with the physical, coupled with five major digital interactive technologies, lets knowledge about electricity be no longer dry and technical. This allows visitors to enjoy while learning and experience firsthand the sustainable future.

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