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Taipei Digital Trade Center x King One Design

Online exhibitions can operate continuously 24/7 across borders. King One Design utilizes a smart website integrated with intelligent exhibition features to establish the Taipei Digital Trade Center for the Taipei City Government. Building a 3D interactive platform for "shop as you go" experience had successfully expanded international markets during the pandemic. In 2023, further enhancing the consumer experience, new features such as optimized product categorization introductions and button explanations have been added, making it easier for consumers to browse and order products.

The latest design trends and updates

Previously, the Taipei City Government was affected by the pandemic, causing a temporary halt in international trade show activities. Choosing to collaborate with King One Interactive Technology and the China Productivity Center, they used 3D smart website technology to create a VR trade platform. This 3D online exhibition platform has enhanced international visibility and successfully expanded international markets.

King One Design's 3D smart website enables businesses to create custom-branded exhibition spaces. The platform brings together and connects all enterprises, allowing them to organize events and engage in real-time online discussions. This facilitates seamless communication between sellers and buyers, providing a 24/7, zero-distance interaction.

Guided introduction to shortcut key features, thoughtfully matching user needs.

Interactive guidance helps users quickly understand website functionality and navigate to the pavilion of their interest.

Concentration of brand image and product presentation, easy one-click sharing.

Simultaneously view the brand logo, introduction, and video, with one-click sharing to increase the potential for dissemination.

Product additions with summary descriptions and categorized lists make product advantages instantly clear.

Adding product categorized lists and summaries for users to quickly find the desired items.

The smart exhibition platform runs continuously 24/7, seizing global business opportunities!

Online trade platforms break the constraints of time and space, enabling the simultaneous presentation of numerous brand information within a single space. Therefore, consumers require clear guidance and product descriptions. King One Design has optimized website workflow guidance, added product categorized list pages, and summary information to make it easier for consumers to find the products they need. This indirectly enhances the probability of purchase. Through the addition of platform features and flexibility, businesses can operate the platform in a permanent exhibition mode, helping brands expand their customer base. Together with enterprises, they can seize global business opportunities 24/7!

Watch the full presentation of Taipei Digital Trade Center. Go and experience the Taipei Digital Trade Center right away. Contact King One Design for a tailor-made, exclusive smart website.