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Smart City Summit & Expo Kaohsiung Venue x King One Design

As the stage showcasing the forward-looking achievements of cities, the Smart City Summit & Expo has witnessed remarkable leaps in its scale of growth. It has even expanded to have dual main venues in Kaohsiung and Taipei. In the Kaohsiung venue, King One Design assisted in planning the "Smart Healthcare Theme Pavilion". The overall design of the booth incorporates flowing curves and whale imagery representing Kaohsiung Harbor. It integrates exhibition information from 15 units and plans a spacious area for showcasing and introducing medical technology equipment. Additionally, interactive games are incorporated to attract visitors, demonstrating Kaohsiung's outstanding achievements in smart healthcare.

Exhibition Design Express Report

The Smart City Summit & Expo Kaohsiung Venue took place from March 21st to 23rd at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, featuring over 150 domestic and international exhibitors with 550 booths. Representatives from 20 countries, 3 international organizations, and 19 cities also attended. King One Design was honored to assist in planning and designing the "Smart Healthcare Theme Pavilion," showcasing Kaohsiung's outstanding achievements and innovative applications in this field.

King One Design meticulously plans booth designs that align with the exhibition's theme, seamlessly integrating urban imagery with rich and clear display content. This comprehensive approach ensures the complete representation of a professional smart healthcare industry cluster.

Oceanic imagery presents warmth and vitality, mitigating the clinical ambiance of medical technology.

The combination of blue and green tones complemented by lighting effects resembling water ripples, evoke the ambiance of Kaohsiung as a maritime city.

The whale imagery brings out the vibrancy of the theme pavilion.

Eye-catching interactive technology effectively gathers foot traffic.

Planning suitable space to meet exhibition requirements, allowing each unit to showcase their capabilities to the fullest extent.

Tailoring display space for different equipment to transform booths into optimal stages.

"Precise Health" Steering the Course, Guiding Smart Healthcare

Taiwan's medical technology is constantly innovating, with its capacity for innovation and application internationally recognized. King One Design has assisted in planning the "Smart Healthcare Theme Pavilion" this time, incorporating warm oceanic designs into the booth to reduce the clinical feel of medical technology. Together with 15 medical and educational institutions from the Greater Kaohsiung-Pingtung area, they showcase outstanding technologies.

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