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Tamsui Resource Recycling Center x King One Design

King One Design has created the "Water Resource Recycling Education Showroom" for the Tamsui Water Resource Recycling Center. Through the application of various integrated virtual and augmented reality technologies, water resource knowledge is presented in a completely new light, while environmental awareness is conveyed in a lively and approachable manner to everyone. This initiative aims to deepen understanding of the importance of water resources and inspire environmental action.

Public Space Design Express Update

Tamsui Water Resource Recycling Center primarily serves the freshwater region by recycling sewage. Through processes like sedimentation and filtration, impurities in the water are removed before discharge, thus protecting the environment. Besides its focus on sewage recycling, the center is committed to sustainable environmental practices in every aspect, earning nine green building certifications. Today, it has evolved into a significant educational hub for water resources.

Therefore, King One Design has incorporated various virtual and augmented reality technologies to create the "Water Resource Recycling Education Showroom" through eight themed exhibition areas. These areas include Freshwater Hydrological History, Life of Water, Model of Wastewater Treatment Plant, Small Soldiers Achieve Big, Wastewater Treatment Process, Magic Academy of Purity, VR Experience Zone, and "Pollution Reduction Knowledge +". Beyond functionality, the design aims to transform the center into a culturally significant space with educational value and visual appeal. We sincerely invite everyone to visit Water Resource Recycling Education Showroom and embark on the fascinating journey of water resource recycling.

King One Design crafted the "Water Resource Recycling Education Showroom " with the imagery of "water," symbolizing clarity and freshness.

In the spatial design of the "Tamsui Water Resource Recycling Education Showroom," King OneDesign integrates various virtual and augmented reality technologies to convey environmental awareness to everyone in a lively and approachable manner.

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