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SEMICON CHINA 2024 x King One Design

SEMICON CHINA, as one of China's premier semiconductor events, has continually set new records in terms of exhibitors and attendees. It serves as a crucial bridge between the semiconductor industry and the Chinese market. King One Design assisted ELS and Probe Leader in designing the theme exhibition booth, enabling the brands to consistently showcase their strength and expand business opportunities.

Exhibition Design Express Report

SEMICON CHINA 2024 was held from March 20th to 22nd at the SNIEC, featuring a total of 1,256 exhibitors and attracting over 100,000 visitors. King One Design provided personalized booth designs for exhibitors, enabling them to maintain relationships with existing clients while also exploring new business opportunities.

Continued participation in exhibitions allows brands to showcase their marketing strength while simultaneously maintaining existing client relationships and expanding into new business opportunities.

ELS | Textured Casual Style - Highlighting Booth Differentiation

Standing out from the typical color schemes used in the semiconductor industry, it attracts particular attention on the exhibition floor.

The booth design adopts the company's logo pattern, enhancing brand memorability.

The high-ceilinged space design increases the comfort level for visitors and customers to linger.

Probe Leader|Bright and Simple - Balancing Professionalism with Design Sensibility

The hollow ceiling combined with minimal partitioning design enhances the spaciousness of the booth.

The curved design coupled with bright spaces creates a lively yet professional ambiance.

Saesol Diamond | Korean Style, Combining Grandeur with Fashion

King One Design assisted Saesol Diamond in booth decoration, showcasing a grand yet understated sense of fashion.

With numerous exhibitors vying for attention, it's crucial for booths to align with their brand's tone to stand out.

As the number of exhibitors at SEMICON CHINA continues to increase annually, standing out among the crowd requires unique designs. King One Design assisted exhibitors in planning booths that not only align with their brand's tone but also showcase creative ingenuity. Utilizing unique styles, high-ceilinged spaces, and reduced partitions, these designs help exhibitors shine on the international stage.

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