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Taiwan SECOM Group X King One Design

In the planning of the digital commercial showcase space for Taiwan SECOM Group, King One has designed a diverse range of solutions tailored to various life scenarios and different users. The primary focus is on integrating AR interactive technology, incorporating applications such as holographic projection, smart lifestyle simulation projection, electronic fence simulation systems, and interactive games. This allows viewers entering the Zhongxing showcase space to directly experience the product's utility and presents a highly realistic context where smart technology intersects with commercial spaces.

The latest Commercial Space design trends and updates

King One designed a digital commercial showcase space for SECOM Group located in Neihu, Taipei. This space allows visitors to firsthand experience the potential of AR technology and its real-time smart services applications in various contexts, igniting the imagination of potential users about the technological advancement of everyday life. Additionally, this space serves as a demonstration of SECOM's innovation capabilities and provides a scene to showcase its diverse smart solutions and services to clients and partners.

King One designed various digital application scenarios for the SECOM Exhibition Center.

Creating digital showcase spaces is a trend in spatial curatorial design, especially when utilizing AR technology to dynamically extend various visual scenarios of real products and environments.

Digital commercial showcase spaces offer captivating experiences.

Both the AR system and smart furniture scenarios can simulate real-time responses.

Comprehensive Smart Display with Four Solutions

The integration of virtual and real spaces is a new curatorial trend, and it forms the basis of the design for SECOM Group's digital commercial showcase space by King One. The design primarily consists of four major components for display and planning:

Smart Furniture Scenario Simulation Projection Area: Utilizing advanced projection technology, this area vividly simulates real-life scenarios such as immediate security measures by combining projection with the actual environment.

Application of AR Holographic Projection Imaging: Through AR technology, it creates a suspended three-dimensional effect within the thematic scenes, enhancing not only the visual experience but also providing a sense of true immersion for the visitors.

Smart Electronic Fence Simulation System: By using AR augmented reality simulations, this system can depict major disaster scenarios. When sensors detect activity beyond a specified range, it triggers corresponding simulated scenarios, adding an interactive and educational element.

AR Interactive Social Media Filters: Social media filters are among the most widely accessible and engaging solutions. King One has designed four filters, including fire extinguishing, flooding, unicorn, and robot filters. These filters are highly engaging, and viewers can experience them through mobile devices, making the interaction with the brand much more enjoyable.

When all these elements are cleverly combined, diverse real-time scenarios are seamlessly integrated. In SECOM's showcase space, highly realistic digital scenario simulations come to life, allowing viewers to witness the "smart" transformation of everyday life, from smart homes to smart cities.

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