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PrimeVOLT x King One Design

PrimeVOLT collaborates with New Green Power to hold a product application seminar and invites dealers to join in. King One Design is responsible for assisting in planning and executing this event, providing end-to-end services, including designing the layout and product display area, planning refreshments, coordinating the program, and liaising with hosts and performers. This seamless service ensures the smooth progress of the event, allowing attending dealers to gain a deeper understanding of the products.

Expressing the Event Planning Update to You

PrimeVOLT, a leading brand in solar inverter products, has signed a distribution agreement with New Green Power, a solar system integrator, to expand their service offerings. On September 15th, they held a product application seminar at the Millennium Hotel in Taichung. King One Design is honored to assist in planning the event, using our expertise to facilitate business networking and highlight the advantages of the company's products.

A well-executed event plan can effectively showcase the solutions a company offers to its customers, thus establishing the company's expert image.

Integrating events and exhibitions to showcase product highlights and advantages.

The registration area is constantly bustling with a steady stream of attendees, with many dealers joining in the event.

Through product presentations, dealers gain a clearer understanding of the advantages and highlights.

The area at the back of the venue is designated as a product display area, enhancing the overall completeness of the event.

Arranging a refreshment dining area to facilitate networking among manufacturers.

On-site Q&A sessions allow businesses to collect frontline feedback from dealers.

Face-to-face communication about the company's advantages facilitates exchanging ideas and turning them into opportunities.

In the post-pandemic era, physical events play a significant role in marketing! King One Design showcases a one-stop marketing expertise for PrimeVOLT by organizing events and inviting potential partners to participate. This enables direct communication of product highlights and substantiates them through product displays. A well-orchestrated event also allows attendees to experience the company's professionalism, fostering business opportunities.

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