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International Cooperation and Development Fund/Exhibition of Taiwan's Achievements in the Field of Marine Affairs at the Our Ocean Conference (OOC)

The "Our Ocean Conference (OOC)" is an annual grand event held in Palau. King One Design is honored to have the opportunity to plan and execute the exhibition showcasing Taiwan's achievements in the field of marine affairs. The exhibition design has received recognition for its alignment with the conference's focus on marine waste recycling and reuse.

Exhibition Design Express Report Update

The "Our Ocean Conference (OOC)" for the year 2022 was held in Palau from April 13th to 14th. The agenda encompassed topics such as climate crisis, island community planning, and fisheries development. Taiwan was invited to participate and share its experiences in marine conservation and fisheries culture. The International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF) planned the event in the form of an exhibition to showcase the achievements. King One Design, leveraging its extensive international curatorial experience, facilitated smooth communication from conference discussions to design execution, ensuring a seamless process. Through curatorial expertise, the aim was to enhance Taiwan's status and image in international marine conservation.

King One Design utilized a minimalist style to highlight the key points of each area and integrated visual elements inspired by marine ecology, providing exhibition visitors with an immersive experience of being surrounded by the ocean.

Walking from the Land into the Ocean

The entrance design features marine creatures such as sea turtles (Hawksbill Turtles) swimming through ocean currents, symbolizing the connection and collaboration between Taiwan and Palau. The ocean currents serve as a metaphorical link between the two, emphasizing their interconnectedness and cooperation.

The key elements of marine conservation, such as marine creatures and seagrass, are creatively crafted using cutout and layering techniques. This approach enhances the visual richness by showcasing the depth and distance of the ocean, adding depth and dimension to the overall design.

Utilizing folded panels to create a wave-like effect, the design incorporates clever additions such as fishing nets and lifebuoys as decorative elements. These additions strengthen the connection and ambiance of the exhibition area, further enhancing the sense of immersion.

Utilizing international curatorial expertise to raise awareness and foster a sense of importance towards the ocean

From Taiwan to the international stage, King One Design has a higher mission. The ocean is facing unprecedented crises, and through this conference, professionals from various fields gather to share successful case studies and raise global awareness of marine environmental issues. Wang Yi Design utilizes curatorial expertise to highlight the key aspects of different exhibition areas, while also incorporating materials that align with the spirit of environmental sustainability and recycling. Throughout the process, cross-national communication, coordination, and execution are essential, showing the strength of international-level curatorial expertise.

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