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Tai Power x King One Design

Taipower is promoting the digital transformation of smart grids and the establishment of smart substations. They have set up the "New Generation Smart Grid Simulation Center" (N.G.S.G.S.C.), integrating software, hardware, and faculty education to enhance engineering skills and operational strategy training, achieving resource sharing. King One designed a vibrant industrial-style simulation center for Taipower's Northern District Construction Office, integrating smart green energy concepts to break tradition and infuse the training venue with green energy vitality.

Public Space Design Express Update

In the era of digital transformation and sustainable green energy trends, Taipower has established the "New Generation Smart Grid Simulation Center" (N.G.S.G.S.C.) to cultivate technical talent and enhance training and operational maintenance capabilities. This center integrates software, hardware facilities, and faculty education to not only advance engineering skills but also strengthen operational strategy training, aiming for resource sharing and knowledge transfer. Designed by King One for Taipower's Transmission and Transformation Engineering Division, Northern District Construction Office, the center features a lively industrial style infused with smart green energy concepts, redefining the training environment.

The New Generation Smart Grid Simulation Training Center adopts a vibrant and lively industrial style, breaking away from the traditional formal atmosphere of training venues.

Smart Green Energy, Limitless Potential! King One Design's industrial chic training venue design aids in embracing the era of smart grids together!

Vibrant Green Energy Industrial Style Makes Smart Substations Stand Out

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