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Taiwan Mobile


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Taiwan Mobile x King One Design

The IT Month 2023, hosted at the Taipei World Trade Center from November 9th to 12th, features an impressive booth designed by King One Design for Taiwan Mobile. The booth is fashioned in the shape of a battleship, utilizing eye-catching 3D naked-eye displays to showcase products and services. The immersive booth design allows visitors to firsthand experience smart services in a contextual setting.

Exhibition Design Express Report Update

The annual technology extravaganza, "IT Month," is now in its 44th edition, providing the public with tech knowledge and the opportunity to experience the latest technological applications and products. Under the theme "Cybersecurity Leadership, Resonating Boundless Harmony," Taiwan Mobile showcases five major applications with a grand booth designed by King One Design in the commanding style of a battleship. This design not only aligns with the exhibition theme but also highlights the company's service advantages.

The battleship-themed booth design not only showcases Taiwan Mobile's commitment to safeguarding user data but also symbolizes the company's leadership in guiding users to unlock limitless possibilities in their lives.

Showcasing Battleship-Class Premium Service from the Inside Out

The battleship-inspired design seamlessly blends a sense of technology and futurism, embodying the vision of intelligent services leading the way into the future.

Incorporating the concept of instrument panels and simulating the lighting within a battleship, creating an immersive and authentic experience.

Eye-catching naked-eye 3D displays prominently highlight the exhibition theme and diverse range of services.

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Scenario-based design opens up your imagination about home.

Simulate gaming demand scenarios.

Smart home and home theater equipment for household scenario applications.

Tangible services encourage users to actively engage with the brand.

Allowing users to directly operate the devices provides a deeper understanding of the services.

Educating on anti-fraud knowledge through gamification.

Technology stems from human nature; infinite possibilities arise in the realm of digital exhibition booths.

With the development of 5G and various smart technologies, telecommunications services have transcended traditional phone communication. They have evolved to meet the diverse needs of the public, offering thoughtful services that unlock endless possibilities in daily life. In this context, King One Design design for the exhibition employs battleship elements to create a thematic booth, showcasing the brand's grandeur and sophistication.

Upon closer examination, each design detail enhances brand marketing. This includes the creation of a smart home through scenario-based exhibits, interactive devices for visitors to experience services firsthand, and the highlight of key services on a naked-eye 3D large screen. All these elements collectively embody the digital exhibition design philosophy that "technology ultimately originates from human nature."

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