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China Airlines x King One Design

The 37th ITF took place grandly at the TaiNEX from November 3rd to 6th. With over 1,300 booths representing 104 countries and cities, the event was a global gathering. Collaborating with King One Design, China Airlines orchestrated the booth layout, incorporating 3D naked-eye displays and lifelike runways to give exhibition visitors a preview of embarking on a journey around the world."

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The ITF is the largest-scale travel exhibition in Taiwan, serving as the country's sole national-level travel expo. It holds significance as a crucial platform that captures the attention of the global travel industry. King One Design had the privilege of conceptualizing and executing the booth design for China Airlines, utilizing thematic scenes and interactive technology to create an immersive experience. Garnering recognition with the 'Best Booth Award,' the design not only attracted domestic and international businesses but also captured the public's gaze with its professionalism.

The airline company offers a travel experience which makes guest feel at home. Leveraging digital technology to create an immersive journey that allows exhibition attendees to firsthand experience innovative and personalized services.

Experience the innovation and diverse services of the brand through the senses.

The naked-eye 3D delivers a visually stunning experience, creating the illusion of a real airplane whizzing by.

To see more in naked-eye 3D display

A universally appealing sensory game, effectively engaging the public to actively interact with the brand.

Snap a photo, and the filter instantly transports you to Prague.

The booth design incorporates airplane portholes, airport runways, and boarding gates, transforming into a miniature airport.

Optimizing the advantage of having four open sides, maximizing the number of computers available for consumer use to facilitate transactions.

Blending scenes with technology to create a sense of presence, sparking a desire for the journey.

The exhibition booth serves as an exclusive space for the brand to engage in dialogue with the public. Beyond enhancing brand visibility, its primary focus is on increasing business opportunities and driving conversions. In this design by King One Design, elements such as boarding gates, airport runways, and airplane portholes are seamlessly integrated, condensing the airport experience into the booth. This immersive environment transports exhibition attendees to the ambiance of an airport, elevating the likelihood of them booking a journey. Additionally, the incorporation of naked-eye 3D, sensory games, photo filters, and other interactive technologies showcases China Airlines' commitment to embracing innovation. The booth's recognition with this year's 'Best Booth Award' also translates into remarkable sales achievements.

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