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King One Design x Farmtour Market

Farmtour Market, a leading one-stop travel platform service, took part in the Taipei International Travel Fair this year with the theme "Fun Farming." Integrating the principles of "Enjoy Local, Eat Seasonal, Learn While Having Fun," the initiative shattered traditional perceptions of farming, placing local characteristics at the forefront. Designed by King One, the Farmtour Market featured a distinctive digital interactive booth, the "Farm and Travel Pavilion," exuding a "high agricultural focus." This included engaging 3D naked-eye visuals, interactive games, rural cooking classes, and the Egret Little White mascot, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. This design successfully guided attendees into the captivating world of agricultural travel, earning Farmtour Market the prestigious Best Booth Award.

Exhibition Booth Design Express Report

The "2023 ITF Taipei International Travel Fair" took place from November 3rd to November 6th at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1, 1st floor. Over the course of the 4-day exhibition, a total of 344,475 visitors attended. As Taiwan's most representative international travel fair, the enthusiastic atmosphere during the exhibition reflected the latest trends in travel consumption.

One of the highlights of the event was the "Farm and Travel Pavilion," a thematic exhibition hall of Farmtour Market designed by King One. This pavilion featured unique and distinctive booths that garnered much attention at the travel fair.

The "2023 Taipei International Travel Fair" was grandly held at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1, 1st floor.

From the "Vegetable and Fruit Extravaganza" naked-eye 3D wall to the interactive game "Hi! Farm and Travel Supermarket Open for Business," these attractions guided everyone into the fascinating world of agricultural travel.

Let's explore the joy of food and agriculture

The Farmtour Market" booth at this year's travel fair integrates modern technology with agricultural education.

The large-scale naked-eye 3D wall "Vegetable and Fruit Extravaganza" interprets the pure and innocent call from the farm.

Adorable Egret Little White mascots were present at the venue to accompany and engage the audience in interactive games.

The eye-catching thematic booth "Farm and Travel Pavilion" at the "Farmtour Market" drew attention with its towering design featuring a large screen and naked-eye 3D visuals, resembling a gateway to the fascinating world of agricultural travel.

Over the four days of the exhibition, King One's design broke traditional perceptions of farming through the use of "Vegetable and Fruit Extravaganza" 3D naked-eye technology, the interactive game "Hi! Farmtour Market Open for Business," thematic planning in various areas, and other programs with a high agricultural focus. Attendees could enter virtual farms to collect ingredients, learn valuable agricultural knowledge in an entertaining way, and participate in on-site interactive cooking DIY classes with six outstanding farms, including Shuilu Zhuang Ranch and Taitung Green Mountain Farm.

By making local characteristics the focal point, the outstanding digital interactive booth design made "Farmtour Market" stand out, earning it the Best Booth Award at this year's travel fair.

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