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Grace Han X King One

Established in 1998, the grandest Asian art event in Europe, Asian Art in London, is led by the renowned curator Ye Guoxin. This year, the event is organized by the team from the Mòhǎilóu International Art Research Institute. It brings together six talented artists, including the daughter of the painting maestro Fu Baoshi, Fu Yiyao, the founder of Grace Han brand, Wang Sihan, and the well-known lyricist Fang Wenshan. This collaboration showcases Taiwan's artistic creations in various forms on the international stage. King One Design is honored to demonstrate our internationally experienced team and our one-stop service professionalism in efficiently managing projects. We provided comprehensive exhibition space services for Grace Han's international participation, showcasing how Wang Yi Design expands its expertise from commercial to high-end fashion and boutique spaces.

Exhibition Express Report

The gentle radiance of sunlight graces the streets, painting a picturesque autumn scene in London where East and West converge in beauty. "Asian Art in London," held annually from late October to mid-November at Cromwell Place in London, serves as a gathering point for the United Kingdom's premier museums, auction houses, galleries, antiquarians, and significant art institutions from across Asia. Together, they converge in the artistic heart of London, showcasing the splendid works of Asian art. For this occasion, King One Design took charge of the exhibition planning and layout execution for the fashionable handbag brand Grace Han, witnessing the graceful encounter between art and fashion.

Asian Art in London 2023 recently took place at Cromwell Place in London.

We've decided to present our new collection in a surprising way during the exhibition, guiding the audience to the intersection of fashion and art.

The intersection of fashion and art.

Founder Grace Wang of Grace Han posing with the main exhibition area.

In Grace Han's exhibition space, you can feel the warmth and love between two generations.

Three main thematic exhibition areas: Moments, Our Melody, Wonderland

The "Moments" handbag collection.

The "Wonderland" mini handbag collection.

The "Wonderland" mini handbag collection.

Asian Art, Shining in London

When elegant leather designs take on the appearance of an art exhibition, showcased in the fashion capital "London," it adds an extra layer of charm to Grace Han, a brand already exuding an atmosphere of meticulous craftsmanship. On the occasion of Grace Han's participation in the Asian Art in London exhibition, the brand's flagship store in London reopened for the first time since the COVID-19 lockdown, marking a double celebration for the brand.

Founder Grace Wang expressed her deep love and longing for her mother, Chen Jingwen, during this exhibition. Through the three main themes - "Moments," "Wonderland," and "Our Melody" handbags, she showcased several warm artworks by her mother.

With the Grace Han Love Letter handbag repeatedly favored by the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, and her frequent public appearances carrying the Love Letter tote, Grace Han has become a sought-after brand.

In collaboration with Grace Han, King One Design also felt the charm of this brand, full of stories and topics, and dedicatedly presented the artistic beauty of the brand in the space. It is an honor to witness the gentle intersection of fashion and art.

Grace Han explores the infinite possibilities where art meets fashion, participating in the 2023 Asian Art in London exhibition.

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