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GITEX 2023 x King One Design

GITEX Global is the largest information technology and consumer electronics exhibition in the Middle East, and the third-largest IT exhibition globally. King One Design is honored to assist POSIFLEX and Synology in planning and designing their booth. The clean and minimalist design, complemented by soft lighting, creates a sense of purity and sophistication in technology. The addition of hanging points and structural layers enhances visual richness, allowing the brands to shine on the international stage.

Exhibition Design Express Update

GITEX GLOBAL, alongside CES in the United States and IFA in Germany, is recognized as one of the top three IT exhibitions globally. The 43rd edition of GITEX took place in Dubai from October 16th to 20th, featuring participation from over 6,000 companies representing more than 170 countries. Spanning across 41 exhibition halls, the event covered themes such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, sustainable technology, and 5G. King One Design tailored exclusive booths for brands, characterized by clean and elegant brand tones, complemented with sleek lines to showcase technological sophistication.

The global technology landscape brims with vitality, and GITEX offers diverse experiences and business opportunities, making it the preferred platform for industry knowledge exchange and innovative ideas. It facilitates communication and connections across the global industry chain.

POSIFLEX|Creating a multifaceted store to enhance foot traffic.

Maximizing the open angle of corner booths to enhance the spaciousness of the exhibition space.

Large-spanning signage coupled with machinery to deepen brand impression.

Creating a bar counter to evoke a sense of a multifaceted store, fostering a relaxed atmosphere to increase foot traffic.

Opting for ambient lighting strips to create an exclusive and prestigious negotiation space.

Synology|Clean, bright, and combining professionalism with style.

The black-and-white color scheme, along with the angled discussion space, complements the brand's professionalism and sense of style.

The styled suspension points serve both to enhance the brand's grandeur and to attract attention.

The ambient lighting strips add highlights to accentuate the products.

Utilizing glass partitions to enhance spatial openness, thus improving comfort for browsing the exhibition.

Sleek and neat to complement brand professionalism while also focusing on details to highlight product highlights.

GITEX Global is a significant global IT exhibition, serving as a crucial platform for businesses to develop cross-border partnerships and seize opportunities. King One Design utilizes spatial arrangement and ambient lighting designs to transform the booth into more than just a product showcase area; it becomes a space where visitors are enticed to linger longer, creating an ambiance of technological sophistication and adding value to the brand.

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