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Food Taipei x King One Design

Food Taipei features a combination of five exhibitions in one this year. King One Design has collaborated with UTC and the Korean Pavilion to plan their booths, creating eye-catching designs that cleverly facilitate the connection between exhibitors and their brands/products.

Exhibition Design Express Update

The 2023 Food Taipei had successfully brought together exhibitors from 31 countries, creating an unprecedented surge in visitor numbers. King One Design was honored to have participated in booth design planning, contributing its expertise to facilitate brand communication on a global scale. Information regarding registration for the 2024 Food Taipei will be announced in October. King One Design is looking forward to adding value to brands once again.

In booth design, highlighting products through immersive experiences effectively captures the attention of the target consumers.

Creative design grabs attention and showcases the trend in gourmet fashion.

UTC-The booth features eye-catching backdrops for photo opportunities, including pillar wraps, along with enlarged product displays that capture attention with their engaging appeal.

UTC-The exterior design incorporates product signage, coupled with displayed products, allowing exhibitors to grasp the offerings at a glance.

Korean Pavilion - Integrating traditional Korean architecture (Hanok) into the design, creating an atmosphere that transports visitors to the streets of Korea.

Korean Pavilion - The booth layout is organized and clear, ensuring visitors have a straightforward and easily comprehensible viewing experience.

A Grand Gathering of Exotic Foods: A Culinary Journey through International Exhibitions

With the evolution of time and advancements in technology, food has transcended its role as a basic survival necessity. It has aligned with global sustainability trends, cultural shifts, and societal changes across nations, resulting in the development of advanced and innovative technologies and products. Through participation in exhibitions and global exchanges, new markets are discovered. King One Design integrates the nationality, themes, and content of exhibiting companies into booth aesthetics, incorporating features such as giant pillar wraps for photo opportunities and the architectural façade reminiscent of traditional Korean Hanok houses. This integration creates an immersive atmosphere, and King One Design anticipates showcasing the power of gastronomy to generate business opportunities alongside these enterprises.

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