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Embedded World 2024 x King One Design

Embedded World is the world's largest exhibition for embedded electronics and industrial computer applications. It is an annual event that provides a platform for embedded systems integrators, as well as related hardware and software manufacturers and distributors, to collaborate and exchange ideas. This year, King One Design has assisted Avalue Technology, Neousys Technology, and GIGAIPC in designing themed booths, allowing these brands to showcase their product strengths, shine on the international stage, and expand their business opportunities.

Exhibition Design Express: Bringing You the Latest Updates

Embedded World 2024 held from April 9 to 11 at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre in Germany. For the first time, it expanded to seven exhibition halls, bringing together over 1,100 exhibitors from nearly 50 countries, making it larger than ever. King One Design had planned distinctive booths for manufacturers, clearly showcasing their products and highlighting their strengths.

Executive Director Benedikt Weyerer mentioned, "The enthusiastic response from over 32,000 visitors from more than 80 countries highlights the importance of Embedded World as a key meeting place for the embedded industry."

Avalue Technology | Wood Grain Materials Reflect ESG, Adding a Touch of Warmth to Technological Sophistication

Utilizing natural materials to address environmental issues symbolizes the commitment to advancing technology alongside ESG principles.

The independently designed display cabinets can be reused for future exhibitions. Embedding the logo plaque between the counter and the high stand elegantly enhances brand recognition.

Hanging truss clamps with lighting fixtures provide both an eye-catching display and effective illumination.

Neousys Technology | Red and white color scheme exudes elegance and generosity, with design details adding texture.

The bold and eye-catching red and white color scheme exudes generosity. The transparent sections and embedded design of the reception desk add texture and sophistication.

GIGAIPC | Real-life contextual backgrounds make it easy to demonstrate the practicality of the products.

Simulated airport, restaurant, gaming area, and other product application scenarios allow visitors to quickly understand the brand.

Tailor-made ESG booth design makes the brand personality instantly recognizable.

For exhibitors, participating in the exhibition is not only about promoting their brand but also a great opportunity to seek potential partners. On the fiercely competitive global stage, showcasing brand personality at the booth is a key moment for interaction with visitors. King One Design has assisted in planning booths that showcase brand personality, utilizing natural materials to highlight the brand's commitment to ESG principles. Simulating real-life scenarios to demonstrate product practicality, these efforts help companies stand out and expand their business opportunities on the international stage.

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