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Innodisk x Kingone Design

In Embedded World, we, KingOne Design, worked with many corporate, not only building the professional image in booth design and planning, but also offering the best construction quality in overseas exhibitions.

Brief Introduction of Embedded World

As a leading international world fair with the focus exclusively on embedded technologies, Embedded-world gathers 1,020 exhibitors and more than 30,000 trade visitors from 73 countries in every year. In this exhibition, there are so many interesting discussion forums with insights into the future. As a trusted name for exhibit booth in Taiwan, we King One Design build mutually beneficial partnerships with many Taiwan's companies in Embedded-world.

Build Your Brand - Task

Multiple Brands in One Stand

Halo Lighting

Walking Route Design

Build Your Space - Solution

Concept and Color Tone

Using lighting to distinguish several areas is a very common way in theater stage design. Besides using different counters and clapboard to create several areas, we also used lighting to improve  and carry out each brand's feature in booth design.

The literal “highlight” of this booth design is the clever use of “Halo Lighting.” To bring out the sense of high-technology and quality design, we, KingOne Design, took the advantage of the different lighting technique to fulfill this task, so instead of traditional lighting design, we decided to choose halo lighting as the main element. With its softer lighting, the products and the booth itself still got well-presented, but the eyes got way more soothed, and this, is the key to keeping the attendees in as long as possible.

Structure and Showcases

Thanks to the soothing halo lighting, attendees can stay longer, yet to offer them the best experience, we put some efforts on the route design. By cleverly organizing the wall panel and island-style counter, each brand had its own area, yet all the areas were all connected; in this way, the exhibitors could receive the highest booth visibility and raise the your brands awareness in just one stand.

Embedded World 2018_Stand Design

Multi brands in one stand - aetina

Embedded World 2018_Stand Design

Multi brands in one stand - antzer