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ADATA x Kingone Design

In Embedded World, KingOne Design always put our client in first place and build the design based on their needs, including graphic design, to offer all-round and diversity of custom-made service.

Brief Introduction of Embedded World

As a leading international world fair with the focus exclusively on embedded technologies, Embedded-world gathers 1,020 exhibitors and more than 30,000 trade visitors from 73 countries in every year. In this exhibition, there are so many interesting discussion forums with insights into the future. As a trusted name for exhibit booth in Taiwan, we KingOne Design build mutually beneficial partnerships with many Taiwan's companies in Embedded-world.

Build Your Brand - Task

Brand Image - Vibrancy

Build Your Space - Solution

Concept and Color Tone

In order to present client’s brand image – vibrancy, we, KingOne Deisgn, chose white as the main color tone in this booth design. Elegancy was vividly portrayed by the color choice. On top of that, we blended blue and green into the design, corresponding to the ADATA’s brand logo “Bee Bird, ” to create a full vibrant image in reflection of the company’s image.

Structure and Showcases

As seen in the picture, trapezoid came as the main structure design element. From the hanging banner on the top, the back wall, and the front counters, none of which were without trapezoid element. However, to make the booth less monotonic from the same shape, we used different materials to compose the booth, leaving attendees a huge visual impact!

Embedded World2018_Stand Design