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Exploration & Development Research Institute (EDRI) of CPC Corporation, Taiwan


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Exploration & Development Research Institute (EDRI) of CPC Corporation, Taiwan x King One Design

In 2050, Taiwan aims to achieve net zero carbon emissions. CPC Corporation, Taiwan is actively developing carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies to contribute to a sustainable future. In collaboration with King One Design, they have planned a CCS exhibition hall, leveraging digital interactive technology to transform the technical knowledge of CCS into accessible information for the public. Through interactive installations, people can learn about the principles and applications of CCS, bringing this technology closer to their daily lives.

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To implement ESG initiatives, CPC Corporation, Taiwan is actively developing carbon reduction technologies and showcasing various technologies through its Life Pavilion to bridge the gap between the company and the public. In collaboration with King One Design, they have planned a carbon capture exhibition hall located in the Exploration and Development Technology Exhibition Hall in Miaoli. In addition to visually designing the venue with bright and lively elements, King one Design utilizes five major digital interactive technologies to demonstrate the principles and knowledge of CCS in the exhibition hall, allowing the public to easily immerse themselves in the world of carbon reduction and sustainability.

Through the planning of digital interactive technology, not only can visitors enjoy learning, but it also represents a truly sustainable exhibition method.

Vivid Light Sculpture Projection | In-depth Understanding of Carbon Impact

The use of light sculpture projection encourages visitors to actively click for more information.

Explaining the various forms and impacts of carbon in daily life through different thematic approaches.

Fun Interactive Game | Carbon Capture Score Challenge

Using digital devices to scan and capture carbon elements, engaging in a two-player competition to enhance enjoyment.

Different levels can present various scenarios that result in carbon emissions.

AR Microscale Model | Visualizing the Carbon Transportation Process

Realistic Models Recreating Carbon Transportation Scenes.

Presenting the Carbon Transportation Process Through AR Microscale Models.

Interactive Touchscreen for Immersive Experience | Accompanied by Realistic Depth Exploration of Strata

Using touchscreen in conjunction with real scenery to immerse oneself in depth exploration of the strata.

Exclusive AR Filters | Bringing Viewers Closer to the Exhibition

Visitors can use photo filters to record exhibition visits, adding to the enjoyment of the experience.

Immersive Experience Exhibition Hall - Integrating Reality and Virtuality for Edutainment

The space created by the brand allows for interaction and communication with the public, utilizing digital interactive technologies such as AR devices and motion-sensing games. CPC Corporation's CCS exhibition hall establishes an immersive learning platform, where the brand's ethos or products/services are transformed into digital assets for permanent preservation. Additionally, it makes less accessible knowledge more approachable to the public, enabling visitors to feel closer to CPC Corporation.

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