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2023 COMPUTEX x King One Design

The 2023 COMPUTEX is scheduled to take place in Taipei from late May to early June. COMPUTEX is one of the world's largest computer exhibitions, attracting technology companies from around the globe to showcase their latest products and innovative technologies.King One Design has also provided comprehensive booth planning and design services for outstanding brands such as Ingrasys,Zebex, GIGABYTE, and others.

The latest design trends and updates

The "AI Propeller" NVIDIA CEO Huang Renxun kicked off the event with a resounding opening speech. Under the theme "Co-creating Infinite Possibilities," COMPUTEX 2023 brought together thousands of vendors to collectively shape industry trends. King One Design also proudly participated in this technological extravaganza.

"Performing computations between different pieces of information that were previously impossible is now achievable." Echoing NVIDIA CEO Jensen's Huang words, King One Design has long been in sync with the digital era, wholeheartedly delivering international-standard OMO exhibition solutions.

Ingrasys Inc.|Immersed in the Most Authentic 3D Visual Feast

Creating an Eye-catching Booth for Ingrasys Inc. Utilizing Large-screen Naked-eye 3D Illusion Effects

The 3D naked-eye wall breaks through the framework of traditional product displays and successfully attracts crowds.

GIGABYTE|Rediscovering the Glory of Intelligence Through Immersive Experience

Creating a technological universe that immerses esports players in an unparalleled experience.

Welcome to This Battle, Where Computing Drives the Future

Walking side by side in both the real and digital worlds, King One Design showcased innovative scenes and digital transformation in booth design at COMPUTEX 2023 – from thematic booths to 3D naked-eye walls, motion-sensing game designs, and immersive exhibition spaces.

This year's COMPUTEX featured six major themes: High-Performance Computing, Smart Applications, Next-Gen Communications, Beyond Reality, Innovations and Startups, and Green Energy Sustainability. This also reflects the tech industry's ambitious spirit for the first physical COMPUTEX exhibition after the pandemic.

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