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PosLab x KingOne Design

KingOne Design is an international exhibition stand/booth design company, offering the diversity of custom-made service.

PosLab, a world-famous POS(Point-of-Sales) system manufacturer, engaged in research and development of cashier and related products, mainly for export. Nevertheless, PosLab has a lot of famous food chain company like COME BUY, TKK Fried Chicken, 50 Lan, as its domestic cooperating business partner.

Déjà Vu of A Restuarant 

This time, King One Design decided to aim at creating an atmosphere of an elegant restaurant. Adding a lot of interesting little elements from the restaurant, like a logo and situational European outdoor dining area, building up a déjà vu of being in a restaurant.

As for the main color tone, we stay elegant, using a lot of creamy-white with a touch of light wood grain on the edge of the platform. Last but not least, the bright and vibrant red, also the corporate color, comes into the plan and bring the sharpness and power for the booth.


In terms of structural design, it is also ingenious. The basic conditions of the booth, such as spacious space and fluent traffic, are no problem! We focus on maintaining the restaurant atmosphere and professional image. We set the top panel and the banner in a staggered arrangement in creating a double-layer design. The booth is designed in the style of an Apple store, presenting the product in a boutique way, showing a professional style.

Atmosphere Presents the Brand

In this design, the restaurant atmosphere plays an extremely important role. In order to unobtrusively integrate the product of PosLab, automated order machines and auto-cashiers into the booth, we recreate a restaurant design as the disguise. Also, we use a large scale of situational posters, plus stone wallpaper, to enhance the atmosphere of a restaurant. Lastly, it hopefully helps out PosLab to stand out in the exhibition!