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COMPUTEX 2024 x King One Design

COMPUTEX is a leading global exhibition for the AIoT and startup industries, where global brands and experts gather under the theme "AI Synergy, Creating the Future Together" to mark the dawn of the AI era. King One Design has planned and designed booths for multiple companies, using sleek and grand designs to highlight the professional image of each brand. The use of transparent screens, meteor light strips, and other creative elements enhances the vitality of the high-tech exhibition booths, showcasing the thriving Taiwanese tech industry and its continued leadership on the global stage.

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COMPUTEX 2024 was grandly held at the Nangang Exhibition Center from June 4 to 7. The event featured 1,500 companies from 36 countries, occupying 4,500 booths, and attracted over 85,000 visitors from around the world. King One Design planned booths for several companies, shaping their professional brand image and creating unlimited business opportunities.

Taiwan plays a crucial role in the tech ecosystem, attracting global companies actively seeking partnerships. Showcasing product technologies through exhibitions is a key strategy for solidifying its leading position.

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Taiwan continues to lead the global technology industry, playing an indispensable role in the ecosystem. Through annual events like COMPUTEX, Taiwan engages with manufacturers worldwide, continuously enhancing product quality and technological innovation. At COMPUTEX 2024, themed "AI Synergy, Creating the Future Together," King One Design utilized exhibition booths to shape brand identities, allowing enterprises to showcase their strengths. Innovative elements such as transparent screens, meteor light strips, and diagonal setups enhance the vitality of tech booths, showcasing Taiwan's leading position in global technology.

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