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Taiwan Nanotechnology x King One Design

The Shanghai International Printing Exhibition is a key event deeply rooted in the global advertising, signage, printing, and packaging industries. Its application industries cover a wide range, pursuing industry development while also placing greater emphasis on digital technology and sustainability. King One Design is honored to have assisted Taiwan Nano in planning distinctive booths multiple times. For the first time, dynamic lightboxes were used to enhance the connection with digital technology intelligence. By combining products with artworks, the booths were transformed into magnificent stages.

Exhibition Design Express Report

The 31st APPPEXPO was held grandly at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) from February 28th to March 2nd. With the participation of over 1,700 exhibitors from more than 20 countries worldwide, this exhibition was themed "Digital Printing, Digital Intelligence, Future". King One Design planned distinctive booths for Taiwan Nano, featuring dynamic lightboxes for the first time. This eye-catching feature not only embodies the spirit of technological intelligence and sustainability but also clearly demonstrates the application and advantages of the products through the display of artworks.

The technological wave drives the development of the printing industry, and digitalized booths showcase the spirit of brands seeking innovation and change, adapting to trends.

Elegant and luxurious navy-black tones, with the brand image gracefully leaping onto lightboxes.

Enhance product texture with the use of glass transparency effect.

Designing an archway to invite exhibition attendees inside.

Dynamic lightbox with water ripple effect, aligning with digital technology and product imagery.

Dynamic lightbox displays elegant ink ripples.

Artworks can intuitively showcase the application of materials to exhibition attendees, adding more value to the products.

Combining patented ink and lighting effects in printing to create a sense of technology.

An elegantly blue-themed booth with dynamic presentation to embody the brand impression.

Exhibition venues serve as the initial point of contact for many individuals with a brand, making booths the medium for establishing the first impression. Therefore, when assisting exhibitors in planning booths, King One Design considers brand image and exhibition themes. For this year's APPPEXPO, we chose a graceful blue color scheme as the primary theme, complemented by dynamic lightboxes, to present a booth design that exudes sophistication and luxury. This showcases the brand's professionalism and willingness to innovate and keep up with trends.

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