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AMIKA x King One Design

In the 2024 Fishing Show Osaka, King One Design created a sleek and imposing peninsula-style booth for AMIKA, showcasing its expertise in high-quality fishing braided lines. Through a segmented long wall, the booth effectively presents the main visual and product lines, allowing visitors to experience the design highlights of the "Ultra-Yarn Titanium Revolution".

Exhibition Booth Design Express

The annual Fishing Show Osaka, held recently at the Osaka International Convention Center, is Japan's largest and most comprehensive fishing tackle trade show. It aims to showcase the latest products and industry trends, providing a professional platform for extensive information exchange and business matching among exhibitors, buyers, and industry professionals.

Since its establishment in 1971, AMIKA Okatai has been dedicated to producing various high-quality braided lines while continuously exploring innovation. At the 2024 Fishing Show Osaka, the booth layout meticulously planned by King One Design attracted attention with its unique design. A restrained yet eye-catching black elongated wall prominently featured the main visual of "Ultra-Yarn", emitting a distinctive charm. On both sides, display racks housed the distinctive features of different product lines, ensuring each product received ample exposure, effectively drawing in the flow of visitors.

The 2024 Fishing Show Osaka was recently held at the Osaka International Convention Center.

The three-dimensional presentation of AMIKA's flagship "Ultra-Yarn" visual on the sleek black elongated wall effectively captured the attention of the exhibition crowd.

Ultra-Yarn Titanium Revolution

The dignified black-toned wall accentuates AMIKA's regal presence in crafting a variety of professional fishing lines.

The booth is complemented by a television wall, rotating various thematic videos showcasing product series, making the product displays more visually comprehensible.

The simple and sleek design style accentuates the flexible layout of the peninsula-shaped booth.

The main visual wall effectively showcases the durability of the professional fishing lines.

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