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ORANGERED x King One Design

CYBERSEC is the largest cybersecurity expo in Asia, celebrating its tenth anniversary this year with an even larger scale than ever before. King One Design collaborated with ORANGERED to plan two distinctive booths: one themed around a "Starship" to evoke a futuristic technological atmosphere, and another inspired by "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" to create a dreamlike futuristic setting. These contrasting styles resonate with the conference theme "Generative Future."

Exhibition Design Express: Updates for You

The 10th CYBERSEC  was grandly held at the TaiNEX from May 14 to 16. The event featured over 500 exhibitors from home and abroad, showcasing more than 1,300 booths, and attracted over 18,000 visitors. King One Design planned a distinctive booth for ORANGERED, featuring a futuristic starship theme and a dreamlike wonderland motif. The eye-catching booth successfully drew crowds, resulting in a constant flow of visitors.

Gu Tsu-hui, President of iThome and founder of the CYBERSEC, stated: "The scale of the CYBERSEC has grown from 1,500 participants ten years ago to over 20,000 today. This not only signifies the increasing emphasis on cybersecurity by both the government and private enterprises but also serves as the best testament to the thriving cybersecurity industry."

Starship-Level Cybersecurity Protection

A highly transparent structural design creates a comfortable and relaxing space, with the logo visible from every angle to enhance brand recognition.

A bright white base combined with the company's colors enhances the brand's sophistication.

The exhibition area is adjacent to the aisle, allowing visitors to directly view and engage in discussions.

Easily Explore the Cybersecurity Amusement Park

The Electric Rush interactive gaming console allows people to learn knowledge while having fun.

【SHORTS | King One Design Works: Interactive Onslaught!】- Fantasy Electric Rush Cybersecurity Fun Challenge

The main visual extends to the pillars and back wall, attracting everyone's attention.

Embracing the Innovative Future of Cybersecurity

For ORANGERED's special booth design by King One Design, it echoes the theme of the conference, "Generative Future," by showcasing cybersecurity services akin to a starship-level. It also creates a carnival-like atmosphere to bring cybersecurity closer to the audience, planning a highly transparent space to increase visitor dwell time, promote brand interaction, and foster business opportunities.

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