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In response to the post-epidemic era and the trend of the Metaverse, MSI and King One Design cooperated to use 3D modeling technology and other related technologies to create "MSI-VERSE" from scratch to an excellent online virtual reality at CES 2022. MSI-VERSE opens up a new way of online exhibitions in the industry. Bring real-life entertainment to the virtual world of MSI, strengthen the immersive experience, and bring everyone into MSI's metaverse outpost!

MSI is a Taiwanese electronic component manufacturer and e-sports brand. In response to the trend of the Metaverse, taking advantage of the CES opportunity, MSI cooperated with King One Design to build a cloud-based MSI virtual world (MSI-VERSE) from scratch.


Professional 3D modeling is applied in MSI-VERSE to create customized style designs, and exclusive situational story games to present MSI products in the most suitable way. Then let the 3D model of the product fully present the details and features through animation, so that customers such as e-sports, business people, and digital creators can directly understand the application scenarios and uses of MSI products in the process of exploring MSI-VERSE. There is even a live chat room, where well-known industry professionals are invited to conduct online instant live interaction, bringing real-life entertainment behaviors to MSI-VERSE, enhancing the immersive experience, and leading everyone to enter MSI-VERSE!

📰 According to TechCrunch+'s exclusive report: "Meta, Microsoft, Google, the three major industry leaders, canceled their participation in the 2022 CES offline physical exhibition due to the raging relationship of the Omicron variant, and will participate in the exhibition in the form of an online exhibition. MSI also cancelled its participation in the offline physical exhibition, and mentioned that the online "MSI-VERSE" will be the highlight of the product launch conference."

📣News: MSI-VERSE has exciting online events, self-made games. Visitors can collect virtual coins by playing games and attending online events in MSI-VERSE, and have a chance to win the exclusive MSI grand prize! The announcement of winners will be released on the 9th of February in 2022, do not miss out! (The link to enter MSI-VERSE is at the end of the article 💁‍♀️)

i-expokit: MSI-VERSE brings you to the wonderland

MSI specializes in manufacturing electronic components and building e-sports brands, so it cooperated with King One  Design to give full play to its strengths. Create the MSI-exclusive virtual world "MSI-VERSE", use 3D modeling (animation, perspective, explosion dismantling) to perfectly present the product and virtual world environment, and combine a variety of characteristic interactive games, lucky draw, and wonderful online live broadcasts to bring online visitors. The new online exhibition experience will leave a deep impression on this encounter and promote more cooperation possibilities in the future!

MSI-VERSE: Fantasy technology style conveys brand spirit

According to MSI's brand style, with the "fantasy technology style" as the main style, professional 3D modeling technology is used to build each characteristic island and the overall world background. This design uses a sophisticated sense of technology, combined with a timeless fantasy atmosphere, showing MSI past with the future in the industry, leading towards the concept of Metaverse.


IP character Lucky, Take you to a tour in MSI-VERSE

2022 CES, King One Design, MSI-VERSE, MSI Virtual World, Wisdom Exhibition, Online Exhibition

MSI-VERSE entry screen and well-known IP character Lucky

As soon as online visitors enter MSI-VERSE, they will first see an entry animation describing the MSI worldview. When visitors step into MSI Island, a well-known MSI IP character: Lucky will appear at the bottom right of the screen. Let Lucky play the role of an enthusiastic guide in the virtual world, leading visitors to explore the new world of MSI, which can not only increase IP exposure, but also increase brand favorability and recognition.


Immersive Experience Design: Impress vistors with amazing product display

Islands with different themes and styles in the MSI-VERSE world: Creator Land, Elite Valley and Gaming Zone, mainly targeting three customer groups: e-sports people, designers, and business people. There are products suitable for different customer groups in each island showroom, and interactive mini-games are interspersed, so that visitors can deepen their impression of the products while playing. The product display on the island includes text, videos and high-fidelity 3D models of products, so that visitors who step into the MSI-VERSE can learn about the latest hardware equipment and software solutions. The most important thing is that the immersive experience design of MSI-VERSE allows visitors to be attracted after entering, and unconsciously increases their heart rate!


Entering the global international market: Arrange 14 languages to enter the market of various countries

2022 CES, King One Design, MSI-VERSE, MSI Virtual World, Wisdom Exhibition, Online Exhibition

Internationalized website (14 languages)

MSI-VERSE has 14 languages versions, including Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Japanese, English, and some European languages. MSI-VERSE is a multilingual website. It benifits MSI to reach new customers, greatly enhance MSI's international image, and move towards globalization. The multilingual design also assists the development of a virtual world community that is not limited by language, echoing the worldview of the metaverse that is not limited by geography.

Customized game design: Four characteristic gameplays convey the spirit of the product

Starting from MSI's products, we will create four customized interactive games, allowing visitors to experience the features of MSI products while playing, and grasp the psychology of modern people's like to share, carefully design eye-catching pictures and content, and play directly after the game is over. Connect with the community to share, achieve the benefit of community diffusion, reach a wider customer base, and increase the degree of discussion and popularity.

Gaming Zone - Future Speed

Gaming Zone game <FUTURE SPEED> mainly for Esports players and gamers, so consider the target audience, the main use of MSI three products, then to the extent, handsome screen, the reaction rate for the core game, a racing game designed this section, The game interaction is also arranged with small ideas, so that visitors can leave a deep impression on the product during the game. 

Creator Land - Ture Color

Creator Land game < TURE COLOR > is mainly created for creators, such as 2D, 3D designers, or special effects artists. Because of the work performance, the color sensitivity is higher than that of ordinary people, and the color developer of the screen is more important. This color discrimination game is designed with this as the core, so that visitors can feel and agree with the importance of color accuracy in the game!


Elite Valley - Lucky Pops

2022 CES, King One Design, MSI-VERSE, MSI Virtual World, Wisdom Exhibition, Online Exhibition

Elite Valley - Lucky Pops

2022 CES, King One Design, MSI-VERSE, MSI Virtual World, Wisdom Exhibition, Online Exhibition

Elite Valley - Personality Test

Elite Valley has two games, mainly for business people. In order to relieve the pressure of business people who constantly maintain their corporate/personal image in social situations, we designed this interactive puzzle game "LUCKY POPS", which turns the MSI logo icon into various colored squares, and accompanies the players to release the pressure and play at the same time. Thinking training. The personality test <Productivity Starts Here> will recommend suitable MSI products according to different choices after the test, helping the subjects to find products that meet their needs and improving work productivity. (There is a play video at the end of the article to watch)

Online live chat room: mastering the power of the community, marketing is more powerful

MSI-VERSE not only arranges product introductions, game experiences, but also community planning, which is now indispensable! Visitors can freely participate in live events, have interactive discussions with the host of the live broadcast, and discuss MSI events in real-time in the chat room, which perfectly creates a sense of community, shortens the distance between visitors and invites friends to participate. , to expand the MSI virtual world community.

🤓 Metaverse Knowledge Supplement: In response to the issue of metaverseization, Boston Consulting Group estimates that the market size of immersive technology will reach US$296.9 billion by 2024. Therefore, when preemptively deploying business opportunities in the Metaverse, the "entertainment" field that is closely related to people's lives must be planned!

King One Design Viewpoint Express 📣

MSI-VERSE has successfully created a metaverse virtual community atmosphere, not only making a stunning appearance at the 2022 CES but also preparing for the next step into the metaverse. In the future, people will be accustomed to online interactive activities, such as online exhibitions, virtual games, live events, online shopping, etc. Brand companies who don't know how to plan may wish to experience MSI-VERSE first!

Click me to enter MSI-VERSE, participate in the game and win the prize! 👩‍🏫 Brand companies need to think before taking advantage of the Metaverse and grabbing a wave of business opportunities:

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2022 CES, King One Design, MSI-VERSE, MSI Virtual World, Wisdom Exhibition, Online Exhibition

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2022 CES, King One Design, MSI-VERSE, MSI Virtual World, Wisdom Exhibition, Online Exhibition

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