Exhibition Stand Design

2017 / Shanghai,China / MWC Shanghai / PAVILION

Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2017 is one of the biggest event in the mobile industry. It welcomed approximately 67,500 brightest minds in mobile industry from all over the world. Exhibitors explored ‘The Human Element’, addressing the impact of mobile on our daily lives and learned how the products and services shaped the future of the connected world. As a trusted name for exhibit booth design in Taiwan, we, KingOne Designhave mutually beneficial partnerships with FAEASTONE to build pavilion in MWC Shanghai.

Build Your Brand – Task

  • Interaction with society and techonolgy


Build Your Space – Solution

Concept and Color Tone

    Responding to the exhibition’s idea “The Smart City and The Internet of Things”, we, King One Designused the “point to point’ as the core concept of booth design to put the emphasis on how people can be connected by the internet. From humanity and technology perspective, the entire booth presented a convenient lifestyle in a smart city.

[Stand Design]

 2017 MWC Shanghai

DateJune.28 – July.1 
LocationShanghai, China
Size15 X 14 m


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Build Your Space, Build Your Brand

By KingOne Design