Exhibition Design

2019 Barcelona, Catalunya/ MWC19 / Gemtek

Introduction of Gemtek

Founded in 1988, Gemtek Technology Inc. has been developing wireless technology and finally become one of the leading providers of WLAN solutions. In the future, Gemtek announced that they will “Base on Taiwan, look ahead to the world!” in the

In MWC19, KingOne Design was dedicated to incorporating the professional knowledge of design field into both booth/stand design and branding to offer our client the all-around design plan and build the value of corporate’s image.

Design Style

With many years of attending MWC, Gemtek, along with the rising trend of 5G, stepped into the exhibition hall with the awesome booth design. This time, they had a corner stand. On the walls were several curvy beams attached with key technological terms, such as 5G, wifi6, and etc. With the use of 3D cutting, the logo seemed lighter and livelier. Situated at the front corner was a display platform, yet with streamlined corners. Sharing the same smooth texture, the display cabinet responded to the front platform, serving the unified style for the booth.



[Exhibition Design] Barcelona – MWC19 – Gemtek

Location: Barcelona, Catalunya
Date: February
Catalogue: Wood


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