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“Some factories were defeated but some were reborn from, not the ashes, but 1 and 0.”



Traditional Industry Facing the Revolution of Smart Era

In the era of information explosion, the need for Human Capital has decreased; instead, Intellectual Capital has increased and been ready to top it in the near future.

With the wave of the automation revolution, the hugest impact goes onto the traditional production industry. Some factories were defeated but some were reborn from, not the ashes, but 1 and 0.

They aimed at creating Smart Factory by incorporating Big Data Analysis system, IoT, etc. Within this decade, many leading manufacturers managed to transform into Smart Factories, thriving again in the competitive market.


Taipei Automation, The Best Place for Smart Factory Solutions. 

Taipei International Automation Industrial Exhibition(Taipei Automation) came into being. In Taipei Automation, you will see a lot of solutions with IoT and Big Data Analysis System. It also has become one of the most well-known professional exhibition all around the world.

It’s easy to see exhibitors showcasing their greatest and latest solutions to Smart Factory. However, with limited spaces, there is no way to drag the whole production line into the booth and demonstrate it. So what is the solution to the exhibition presentation?


Worry not,

leave this to King One Design.


Integration with AR Tech, the Key Solution to Limited Space

This year, King One Design’s AR team, with the goal of integrating AR technology with the exhibition design, is about to make another impressive appearance in Taipei International Industrial Automation Exhibition. Via handy mobile devices and tablets, we allow visitors to experience the virtual world within limited spaces. The huge machines, complicated production line, and all the imaginable things in the factory will be remodeled and presented in the little screen in your hand. Needless to say, only by one touch, you can browse through all the details

Whole New Experience with Custom-made APP


Exhibition decoration is pretty high in consuming resources, especially paper. A weekend-long exhibition may consume over dozens or even hundreds of trees for paper DM. However, with the rising awareness of the environment, digitalization comes into the market.

Along with the AR tech, King One Design created an information integration APP exclusive for OMRON. All the details in paper DM, we digitalized them and allow visitors to view with the mobile device on the hands. Let go of the paper and let the trees work in photosynthesis. A more sustainable future is in reach.


Lastly, the immediacy and individual service were the high light as well. Via high-speed data analysis, the exhibitors can obtain the customer’s feedback and interest within no time and make the best out of it. This whole new customized and individualized service is going to lead another wave. Only with enough knowledge and skill will you be able to offer a better exhibition experience.


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